35 Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is one of the most versitile essential oils on the market today. Here is a list that I have compiled of 35 uses! Keep a copy of this list nearby your essential oil collection. If you haven’t tried essential oils yet, peppermint is where you should start. Come join the Peppermint Campaign today!
  1.  Use 1 drop of Peppermint oil in a mug of hot water instead of tea. 1 drop equals 24 bags of peppermint tea!
  2.  Inhale Peppermint oil or from the palms of your hands to help with nausea.
  3. Rub 1-2 drops of Peppermint oil on tummy to help with stomachache.
  4.  Mix  3-4 drops of Peppermint  with water in a spray bottle and spray the back of your neck while working outside for a great cooling effect.
  5.  Leave your aspirin at home.  Peppermint helps with headaches and migraines!
  6.  Pain from bumps can be alleviated with a drop of Peppermint.
  7. #Bumped your leg? A drop or two of Peppermint oil can keep bruises at bay.
  8. Mom’s add a drop or two of Peppermint oil to your child’s shampoo and protect them from lice!
  9.  Dandruff? Use some Peppermint on your scalp!
  10. Sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cold and cough can be treated with peppermint.
  11.  Use Peppermint oil instead of breath freshener before you kiss your hubby!
  12. A drop or two of Peppermint oil on a cold wet cloth used over the eyes can help reduce your stress level.
  13.  Use Peppermint on cotton balls to deter mice.
  14. Spray Peppermint mixed with water to prevent ants and beetles.
  15. Spray diluted Peppermint on your clothing to deter Mosquitoes!
  16. Use Peppermint diluted on the skin to reduce itching from hives.
  17. Need to concentrate? Inhale Peppermint oil from your palms or use a diffuser! Great for classrooms!
  18.  Pain from arthritis? Use a drop of Peppermint on those aching joints.
  19. Keep Peppermint oil in the car on your commute to stay alert. Add a drop to a napkin, and place in the a/c vent.
  20.  Use Peppermint Oil on your scalp to help regulate the PH to combat both dry scalp and oily hair!
  21.  I put I few drops around the garage door and back door to eradicate the shrews here in Alaska.  - Gayle
  22. Snoring problems?? A friend of mine puts a drop of peppermint in an 8 oz. glass of water every night for her husband who snores LOUDLY. He drinks a couple of swallows just before bed time and it works like a charm. When she occasionally forgets to do this, those are the nights he snores like a bear
  23. I have had several occasions when ants thought that a place in my home was a wonderful place to move into. I simply watch and determine where their entry point into the house is and put a few drops of peppermint oil around the area where they are coming in. Apparently ants really dislike peppermint oil because they abruptly stop coming in and don’t return. I very seldom have to do repeat applications for the same spot. Works like a charm and the ants stay outdoors where they belong.
  24. Helps with inflammation and pain from carpel tunnel.
  25. Teachers, diffuse in classroom during tests to help students attention span and concentration.
  26. Mix Peppermint and Lavender to deter mosquitoes from babies and small children
  27. Woke up this morning with a junk food hang over, rubbed pepperment oil around my naval for my upset stomach and above my eyebrow for my headache….I’m feeling much better now. – Sandy
  28. Woke up with a terrible crick in my neck this morning. I have 6 horses to massage today and that’s no time for me to be sore! Rubbed some peppermint oil directly on the crick and further down where the muscles were sore about 10 minutes ago and it’s already relaxed! – Lisa
  29. Use in a compress for  hemorrhoids.
  30. A drop of peppermint oil on the jawline used after tooth extraction helps with pain and swelling.
  31. Massage 2-3 drops onto the chest or drop into a humidifier to clear sinus and lung congestion and support normal breathing
  32. Massage several drops on your abdomen, place a drop on the tip of the tongue or wrists, or inhale to soothe motion sickness or general nausea
  33. Research by Alan Hirsch, MD, shows that inhaling peppermint essential oil helps trigger a sense of fullness. Inhale 5-10 times a day to curb appetite
  34. Rub a drop or two of peppermint into legs for restless leg syndrome.
  35. Peppermint oil can help reduce fungal infections


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  1. Aliswim says:

    Can I safely put things with peppermint oil on them in with my other laundry? I have been using a diluted water/peppermint oil in terry cloth towels and keep in freezer. I use them when I’m over heated and come in from hardworking or workouts in the heat, but have been u sure of the possible affect on other clothes in the wash. Does anyone know?

  2. Up your dose of St. Johns and expect a two to three weeks wait miinumm for stabilization. You can double the dose on the bottle for two or three days to get a head start-it won’t hurt you, it’s a plant remember. Women take longer then men to adjust. Don’t skip doses and only use brand name products. Adjust the dosage in a couple of months as needed, but don’t skip or you will be right back where you started. It takes years to adjust to having a balance with stress and St. John’s just helps with that like regular anti-depressants (but without all the side effects)Also, figure out what gives you the worst anxiety and find a way to minimize it’s impact on your life.Try Kava root “as needed” on really bad days. Do not exceed the recommend dose by much on this stuff though.

  3. What about bugs (spiders) ect. Where to apply & how often. What about (mice & Rats ). How does this controll them. How much on cotton balls & how often

  4. Thanks for sharing, Christi.
    I just washed my hair and I mixed a drop or two of peppermint essential oil. And now my hair is sooooo soft and smells great as well!


  1. [...] The recipe called for a few essential oils, peppermint was not one of them but I bought it anyways because I found out some cool things about peppermint while I was searching around for natural cold remedies. I found out that when peppermint oil when applied to the forehead  can relieve a headache! Or you can put it on a wash cloth and lay it over your face for the same effect. Peppermint oil, due to its antiseptic properties, is useful for dental care. It removes bad breath and helps teeth and gums deal with germs. No wonder, it is added in numerous toothpastes. It is shown to help with nausea, stress, irritable bowel syndrome, hair and skin care, colds and mild asthma. You know those peppermints that are always stashed by the cash registers at restaurants? Next time when paying the bill, grab a handful of them and keep them in the cabinet at home. I read that those can help relieve a sore throat and it really works. I tried it out myself last week. The main active compound in peppermint is menthol and what we know about menthol is that it has a soothing, calming and numbing effect on sore throats. You can read about several more uses for peppermint oil right here: http://www.polkaspotfarm.com/2012/08/06/35-uses-for-peppermint-essential-oil/ [...]

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